Silou Tai Chi


Path of the Horse

On Saturday 16 December, 2017 we held our end of year break up at the Trentham based charity, Path of the Horse and raised $975 for the good work they do. What an amazing experience to do Tai Chi is this beautiful setting, with horses wandering through. Thank you to Dean Mighell for being so generous

Exploration of Diversity

Congratulations and many thanks to all the people who took part in the Martial Arts Exploration of Diversity event in Trentham on July 31st, raising money for 2 worthy charities.  A number of sessions were held throughout the day by highly respected and experienced instructors including:

Hanshi Bruce Haynes
10th dan, 47 times World Champion and 2 times Guinness Book of Records.
Shihan Keith Smoult
6th dan, Founder of Chan Ki Do Karate School
Master Liu Wan Chun
6th dan, Chinese Wushu, Founder of Master Liu Tai Chi School
Sensei Brendan McCarthy
4th dan, Head Instructor of Kiri No Yama Martial Arts School

Flower Festival Demonstration

Competing in China


In 2013 The Lilac Moon Tai Chi group attended an international competition in China. (The team was awarded a silver medal).

China Competition

Training & Demonstration