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Lilac Moon Tai Chi Past Events

"What We Are Doing During the Pandemic" - by Alice Petherbridge

Patricia and Leticia are doing Tai Chi by the lake - August 2020.

Indoor group sessions of Tai Chi and Qigong are not allowed at the moment, so Patricia is working with one person at a time in the Quarry St reserve. She is holding 9 sessions a week.

Patricia said the park was a blaze of autumn colour when they started, then they worked through the chilly days of winter and now they are starting to see signs of spring.

They are doing Tai Chi to build a strong body, mind and spirit, and in particular, a strong immune system.

Vale Mario Sartori

A tribute to Mario Sartori - article in the Trentham Trumpet by Corinne Gurry:

VALE MARIO SARTORI - It would be fair to say that most people living in the district have a story to tell about Mario. And all of them will be about his kindness and generosity. Mario never wanted people to know that it was he who had provided money for someone in need; nor did he want thanks for his many kindnesses. He was a robust member of our community, always with a story of his own to tell, a joke, or a hello. His fundraising efforts are legendary. His kindness and willingness to help is legendary. He never sought credit for the work he did in the community, and was humbled when he received his AOM.

As we all know, Mario’s funeral was private with only his family attending. So it was with this in mind; that the students of Lilac Moon Tai Chi School, headed by Patricia Kent, practised a special class by the lake at the Reserve on Friday afternoon.
It was a silent and beautiful tribute to a man who has given so much to so many.

We have lost one of our elders, who above all else, taught us humility.

Trentham Flash Mob - November 2019

Thank you everyone who came and demonstrated Tai Chi fans, swords and sticks in Market Street and Trentham market yesterday. With over 30 students from Lilac Moon Schools throughout Victoria participating, we raised over $350 for the Trentham CFA.

China September 2019 - International Tai Chi conference

Members of the Lilac Moon Tai Chi School have just returned from an international Tai Chi conference in China where they were awarded a gold medal for the Yang 24 traditional form.  They were also ranked 3rd overall, out of 35 teams from 6 different countries.

'Active Women & Girls Strategy' with the Hepburn Shire Council - August 2019

Adelaide Phoenix Rising Workshop - December 2018

Yamba Masterclass - October 2018

China 2018 - Tai Chi Training at Beidaihe

In May 2018, Master Lui Wanchun, Lilac Moon Founder and Chief Instructor Patricia Kent and 7 students participated in training at the Tai Chi Camp in Beidaihe, China

WTQA Wushu Tai Chi Qigong Festival - August 2017

On Sunday August 27, 2017 we competed at the WTQA Festival demonstrating the Taiji Yangsheng Zhang Stick Form.

"I felt very proud to be part of the Lilac Moon Tai Chi team that presented the Taiji Yangsheng Zhang Form at the 19th WTQA competition on Sunday, 27th August.  I was told that we looked strong, centred, inspirational and moved in harmony as a group.  Well done everyone and thank you to family and friends who came along to support us."

Chen 22 Tai Chi Workshop with Master Liu Wanchun 

On Sunday October 23, 2016 we held a Chen 22 workshop at the Trentham Mechanics Institute. Chen is the earliest style of Tai Chi, originating in the Henan Province of China.

An Exploration of Diversity - July 2016

On Sunday 31st of July 2016 we held an amazing day experiencing 5 martial arts disciplines - Tai Chi, Qigong, Karate, Kata & Self Defence. For more information & pictures, go to our Gallery