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Patricia Kent

Set up and run by Patricia Kent, Lilac Moon Tai Chi is based in the rural township of Trentham, Victoria. Patricia also runs classes at community centres and halls in the neighbouring towns of Ballan, Gisborne and Kyneton.

“I was born in England in 1946 and emigrated to Australia in 1968. I now live a quiet life in Trentham, Central Victoria, teaching and training in Tai Chi and Qigong.

My love of martial arts began at age 5 when my father took me to a dojo (training hall) in London where he trained in Judo. I began my own journey over 30 years ago with the Australian Federation of Wu Style Tai Chi Inc. I furthered my studies of martial arts with a very strenuous year with Kentokan Karate. I have also trained extensively with Master Liu Wan Chun in Melbourne, Master Wang Zie Ping in Yangshuo, China and Grand Master Lu in Bei Dai He, China.

Tai Chi has become my way of life and I hope to spread the knowledge and benefits of this gentle martial art for many more years.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Blessings, Patricia”

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In more than three decades training in Tai Chi & Qigong, Patricia Kent has been the recipient of a number of awards and certificates of accreditation.

Certificate 4
Certificate 1
Certificate 2
Certificate 5
Certificate 6
Certificate 3

Master Liu Wanchun

• Six Dan of Wu Shu
• Australian Sports Commission Accredited • Tai Chi and Wu Shu Coach
• Indoor Student of Chen and Wu Tai Ji Quan
• Head Instructor Of Wan Chun Tai Ji Quan

Master Liu Wan Chun has been a Tai Chi instructor since 1984 and currently holds the position of Deputy Director and Chief Instructor at the Changchun Tai Ji Quan Association In 1970.

Master Liu was acknowledged as a student of Grand Master Liu Xing Ji-a famous Wu Shu expert in Jilin province. Since then he has continued to train and has now been officially accepted as a twentieth generation student of Chen style Tai Chi. Master Liu has won many Championships in Changchun of China.

Master Liu is well known among his thousands of students, both in China and overseas, and has trained many outstanding Tai Chi athletes.

Master Liu had been teaching Tai Chi in Australia, As a special coach in 2000 and 2001 under the school of Tai Chi Australia. It had been two successful years for Master Liu and he received lots of great feedback while he was teaching in the state of Tasmania.

Liu Group 1
Liu Group 2
Liu Group 3

Grandmaster Li Jing Wu


Master Liu Wanchun (B. Stand) with his grandmaster Li Jing Wu (F. Sit).

Li Jing Wu is one of the most famous martial artists of the first generation after the establishment of P.R.China. In the early 1930s, he had already been a respected martial artist, especially in Tai Ji Quan, and he is the first one who was awarded “Great Tai Ji Master” by the martial art world. Li Jing Wu is also the first performer and teacher of the first Tai Ji Quan Form 24 film. when the form 24 named simplified Tai Ji Quan, was adapted from Yang Style traditional form, by China National Sport Committee in 1958.

Master Liu Wan Chun learned and training Form 24 with his master Liu Xing Ji and Lv De He and had been given special direction from his grandmaster Li Jing Wu, Liu Wan Chun, therefore, grasps the real and profound spirit of Tai Ji Quan, and he has ability to teach you various application of Tai Ji.