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Our Instructors

Patricia Kent

Set up and run by Patricia Kent, Lilac Moon Tai Chi is based in the rural township of Trentham, Victoria.  Patricia also runs classes at community centres and halls in the neighbouring towns of Ballan, Gisborne and Kyneton.

For more information about Patricia, go to the About Patricia page.

Sandra Pearce

I was first introduced to Tai Chi about 14 years ago when, as semi-retired, I attended classes at the Meredith Community House.

I was previously aware that the Chinese people for centuries had participated in Tai Chi as a way of keeping active and healthy, regardless of age or ability.

In 2006, I made a further commitment to Tai Chi when Patricia Kent was introduced to the small group in Meredith.

I enjoy Tai Chi as it offers a background and structure in Martial Arts and has many health benefits to offer everyone.

I practise Tai Chi on a regular basis, feeling emotionally refreshed and spiritually enhanced.

In 2011, I accepted the invitation to go to China to participate in the Bi-annual International Tai Chi Conference at Beidaihe. During that time, I trained with Grand Master Lu, Master Liu Wan Chan and my Leader- Patricia Kent, along with fellow enthusiasts from Australia, Germany, Korea, Japan and China; who are now my friends.

Upon returning home from that marvellous experience, I have been leading Tai Chi classes at Haddon Northern Community Centre and the Meredith Community Centre on a regular basis during school terms.

I look forward to travelling around the world to train and develop my skills in Tai chi and to make international Tai Chi friends.

Desma Blow

I was born and raised in Geelong, Victoria. I worked in Sydney before marrying my husband Ron, we had three children before moving back to Victoria, living in Meredith.

In 1998 I asked if we could get a Tai Chi tutor to come and teach in Meredith Community Centre. We had Jeff Davis for eight years, then Patricia Kent from Lilac Moon Tai Chi came to tutor us, and she has been my teacher, mentor and great friend ever since. I have also trained with Master Liu Wan Chan from Melbourne, and Grand Master Lu in Beidaihe, China.

In 2013 I began teaching classes in Bannockburn, where I now live, and in 2014 Teesdale, which I am enjoying immensely.

Patricia has taught me so much more and given me a greater appreciation of this gentle but powerful Tai Chi martial art form, which I endeavour to pass on to my students, so they benefit too. After 16 years of doing Tai Chi I have a greater sense of well-being, balance, strength and inner peace. I hope to pass this on to my children and five grandchildren, who already have a respect for their ‘strong’ grandmother.

Patrick Bonello

Patrick has been training with Patricia for around 8 years and instructs in Ballan.

I began my Tai Chi journey in Geelong in 1993 learning a short Yang form, the venue didn’t offer more advanced classes so I began looking for a new teacher. A brief stint at another training centre helped me understand that some teachers are not the right fit. It took me 12 years to take up Tai Chi again, this time in Melbourne where I learned the Yang 10, 24 and the 32 Sword form.

When I moved away from the big city to the rural town of Ballan I discovered Patrica Kent and the Lilac Moon Tai Chi school. I was and continue to be awed by her skill, compassion and enthusiasm. Patricia has become more than a teacher, she is my Tai Chi master.

I have been honoured to spend eight years training with Patricia, we have visited China and trained with her master and grand master. She constantly inspires me to greater things and convinced me in 2016 to use my training skills to teach Tai Chi. I am very humbled to share Tai Chi with my students and forever appreciate being part of the Lilac Moon Tai chi family.

Through Patrick's business Genesis FX, he is also responsible for the DVD training material available to students - the filming to the editing to the final product.

Sharrone Brown

l currently teach traditional Yang style Tai Chi and Qigong forms in Yamba and Maclean NSW. My training began in 2000 with Patricia Kent the founder of Lilac Moon Tai Chi, and l have continued to train and learn new forms with Patricia, as well having the privilege of attending master classes with Master Liu Wan Chun on several occasions.

Previously, I taught Tai Chi in Tasmania for 14 yrs and also in Victoria for a short period of time. The ages of my students ranged from 3 yrs to 93 yrs of age. I have run classes at a preschool learning centre and in the corporate sector, as well as private classes.

My classes are ongoing and start with short easy to learn forms that progress to more advanced forms over time. I love what l do and l love seeing the benefits that my students get from practicing this ancient art form. We become a Tai Chi family and our bond is very special. I hope to continue to share what l have learnt for a very long time with as many people as l can. Lilac Moon Tai Chi, for relaxing your mind for strengthening your body and for nourishing your spirit.

Namaste Sharrone

Tim Doyle

My Tai Chi journey began in 2003 with Patricia learning the basics and the beautiful Lilac Moon form as well as Wu and Yang style forms.

During this time I was lucky enough to join in some workshops with Master Liu Wan Chun around Tasmania and gain a further insight into the wonders of Tai Chi.

When Patricia moved to Trentham I continued to train by myself for about two years.

As time went by I felt the need to learn more and wanted to train in a more organised situation. That was when I joined in classes with Sharrone in Deloraine. About eight, great years of learning and close fellowship followed. Now that Sharrone has moved on to live in NSW we have been left without an instructor and the ball (or bag of them) was passed on to me to keep or Deloraine classes going. I am hoping in the future to be able to travel to Victoria to train with and learn more from Patricia and Master Liu to improve my knowledge of Tai Chi and gain the confidence to pass that on to others.  We are a small group and continue on with the tradition of light hearted and fun gatherings to practice what we have learned. New members to our group are always welcome.