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Upcoming Events

Workshop with Master Liu Wanchun

Yi Jin Jing Health Qigong and Beginning 42 Combination Form

When:    Sunday November 

Time:      12 - 9:30am - 3pm

Where:    Pandora Ponds - Blackwood Road, Trentham

Cost:        $50 morning session - Yi Jin Jing Health Qigong 

                 $40 afternoon session - Beginning 42 Combination Form

Lunch:     Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch

Lilac Moon Tai Chi Past Events

WTQA Wushu Tai Chi Qigong Festival

On Sunday August 27, 2017 we competed at the WTQA Festival demonstrating the Taiji Yangsheng Zhang Stick Form.

"I felt very proud to be part of the Lilac Moon Tai Chi team that presented the Taiji Yangsheng Zhang Form at the 19th WTQA competition on Sunday, 27th August.  I was told that we looked strong, centred, inspirational and moved in harmony as a group.  Well done everyone and thank you to family and friends who came along to support us."

Chen 22 Tai Chi Workshops with Master Liu Wanchun 

On Sunday October 23, 2016 we held a Chen 22 workshop at the Trentham Mechanics Institute. Chen is the earliest style of Tai Chi, originating in the Henan Province of China.

An Exploration of Diversity

On Sunday 31st of July 2016 we held an amazing day experiencing 5 martial arts disciplines - Tai Chi, Qigong, Karate, Kata & Self Defence. For more information & pictures, go to our Gallery